NETbuilder partners with Cloudera

Cloudera article

NETbuilder partners with Cloudera, a leader in next generation data Big Data Analytics Platforms. NETbuilder carefully select which technology vendors we engage as partners. Cloudera are in a dominant market position and constantly innovate making them a perfect fit for NETbuilder.

The addition of Cloudera allows our customers to leverage the masses of captured unstructured data. After being founded in 2008, American based Cloudera is the first company to commercialise Apache Hadoop and to develop enterprise solutions built on this powerful open source technology. Cloudera is recognised as the largest contributor and innovator in the Hadoop Open Source Software community, share and are widely recognised as the industry standard in enterprise Hadoop.

Our partnership with Cloudera will allow NETbuilder to supply the market with cost effective Cloudera trained Data Analysts and Developers to support new and existing implementations of their Hadoop Platform. This partnership adds a vital technology to our Enterprise technology stack, giving us truly front to back capabilities.

Working with Cloudera, NETbuilder are able to do the initial design and implementation. We are able to quickly deploy consultants from the Academy to further develop the platform and enable our customers to be self-sufficient.

NETbuilder have seen positive results since signing the partnership and we are excited to continue to support Cloudera’s mission of bringing the power of Hadoop, MapReduce, and distributed storage to customers across all market sectors.

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