Our time at the ServiceNow Sales Kickoff 2016


QA Consulting were delighted to attend the ServiceNow Sales Kick Off as part of a new partnership at the Swan and Dolphin Resort, Disney Orlando Florida. People came from all over the world to attend the event to talk and realise 2015’s  global successes,  of which there were many.

We heard from keynote speakers, ServiceNow’s founder, Fred Luddy and now Chief Product Officer and Director, Michael Scarpelli, CFO, David Schneider, Chief Revenue Officer and Frank Slootman CEO on how through the use of their unified platform they have been transforming the way organisations work and have proven that everything can be offered as a service.

The atmosphere was great, ServiceNow’s ability to work with their customers by continually listening, addressing the problems organisations are facing today and adapting to change has meant they’ve seen significant growth since June 2004.

It’s important to realise its full potential but don’t think you have to start big you don’t! Really think about what you are hoping to achieve not what you’re trying to fix. I’ll admit it does require a change in perspective, I think we focus too much on what we’ve always done instead of taking a step back to realise what could be done.

Some questions probing us to really evaluate our current status were raised:

  • Are your current IT Operations relevant to your Business today?
  • Can your business adapt and change quickly?
  • Can you rapidly develop an application to meet with change?
  • Is it really possible to have everything as a service and what does this really mean?
  • Will driving efficiencies reduce costs and increase quality?

As we know, no two business processes are alike therefore they need to be extremely flexible or purpose built. We heard and saw scenarios and case studies including solutions to the questions raised above.  The message was quite clear.

We are excited to work with customers to help them realise their visions and we know people drive change, which is why ServiceNow are partnering with QA Consulting. We are providing Certified ServiceNow Consultants into the market to enable the development of their platform and yield better outcomes, reduce flight risk and allow you the customer to retain your IP.

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