Adobe Summit EMEA, Day 2 – Reinvention is a Personal Journey



After the events of the night before, it is not surprising that there were a few sore heads amongst the NETbuilder team, luckily Red Bull were on hand to help keep the sore heads at bay.

IMG_0427Day two kicked off with an opening session centred on the theme “Reinvention is a Personal Journey”. The session was opened by John Mellor, VP of Strategy at Adobe, he spoke about how experiences are everywhere in the consumer’s lives, in order to achieve and maintain customer loyalty you have to give them the best experiences, and by doing so it can be the key to your brands digital transformation. John then announced that 65% of marketers say the rate of change in the marketing industry is accelerating and the rate at which it is doing so is only going to get quicker meaning that in order for our companies to stay current we each need to become change agents.

IMG_0434We were then introduced to a remarkable young man, Kevin Jorgeson. Kevin found fame when he and his climbing partner, Tommy Caldwell used social media to tell their dramatic story when they being the first people to ever climb the 3,000 foot Dawn wall at El Captain, and they did it with just their hands, feet and sheer determination. Hearing how, at one point, Kevin was stuck for 8 days trying to get passed what seemed an impossible obstacle, filled the room with determination to overcome their own ‘Dawn Wall’. Kevin not only spoke about his success, but also on the value of teamwork, and how when you collaborate, you are better able to push an idea forward.

IMG_0445Within the tech industry there is always a prevalent issue, in a world that is attempting to  become equal in terms of gender, why in the UK do tech companies have on average around 15% of workforce being female? Clare Sutcliffe, Co-Founder and CEO of Code Club is helping to bridge that gap by teaching kids the digital skills early in life to make a stronger and more competent techforce. Code Club is a volunteer led after-school club that teaches children aged 9-11, how to program by showing them how to make computer games, animations and websites. Starting in the UK Code Club now has 2,897 clubs worldwide, with 43,455 children signed up, not only is Code Club a great initiative, but they also have over 40% of the children in attendance being female! Adobe supported Code Club throughout the Summit by donating £2 per tweet that mentions the hashtag #Tweet4Code.

IMG_0461Perhaps the biggest buzz of the summit came in the form of keynote speaker Benedict Cumberbatch. Interviewed by Adobe CMO Ann Lewens, Benedict Cumberbatch was able to easily get the crowd to fall in love with him, he even started to trend on Twitter. The interview allowed him to provide a fascinating insight into his personal transformation. He even proved that brands and actors have a lot in common: Films are an actor’s product/ service, how you behave is your brand and your fans are your loyal client base, in order to keep them loyal you have to do something interesting and surprise your audience, everything that you do both as an actor and as a company can have an effect on the loyalty of your customers, providing them with the best experience possible is at the upmost importance, whether it is an award winning performance as Julian Assange in the Fifth Estate or a mobile app that allows you to design the Audi you want, it all matters.

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Adobe Summit EMEA, Day 1 – Reinvention is a Journey


On the back of NETbuilders success at the Adobe Summit in  Salt Lake City back in March, NETbuilder were proud to be a showcase sponsor at the EMEA event in London last week.

This year’s EMEA Summit was host to more than 4,000 attendees from 50 countries around the world, all keen to find out the latest tools and trends, hear from marketing innovators and see how companies are benefiting from Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, eager to gather Intel on the crucial insights in mobile analytics, social media, personalisation and big data.

Day one

The 2015 Summit kicked off in spectacular fashion with the opening keynote session “Reinvention is a Journey”. Adobe SVP and GM of Digital Marketing, Brad Rencher spoke about how as technology catches up to customer behaviour and expectation, marketing has had to move well beyond what we originally though it could be. We need to provide our customers with consistent and continuous experiences  for our brands to succeed in this ever changing digital environment. Marketing now has no finish line, it must be continuous.

Adobe MicrosoftCurrent president of Adobe EMEA, Mark Zablan joined Brad on stage to announce a new and exciting strategic partnership between Adobe and Microsoft. The partnership is based around integrating Adobe’s Marketing Cloud with Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM, providing brands with new levels of customer intelligence by allowing the connection of data from sales, marketing and customer service. This is the industry’s first large-scale solution for connecting the customer experience across all customer touch points, ultimately allowing marketers the “opportunity to connect customer insight into the core of their marketing processes”.

Throughout the session Adobe were joined onstage by a handful of business executives who were providing first hand experiences of using the Marketing Cloud and how they were managing their Digital Customer Experiences, these came from the Head of Digital at Shell, VP Head of Global Marketing at Phillips Consumer Lifestyle and the Chief Digital Officer at Renault.


Chelsea Football Club’s Jerry Newman, Head of Digital and CRM, made an appearance to speak with Jamie Brighton, Adobe’s personalisation expert. They discussed how in the past Chelsea had an issue of not being able to properly connect with their global fan base, of 500,000,000. Like many football clubs they wanted to engage with their global audiences, not just the 42,000 fans who attend each match; their fans to feel like they were close to the club, whether they were in Bangkok or Putney. Their research had showed that for them, there was no such thing as a singular fan, “we’ve got to find a way to find and appeal to people’s passion points, whether there blood runs blue or they just like to follow the team from a distance”. So how do you provide a digital experience at this scale? You use the Adobe Marketing Clouds services such as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Analytics, Adobe Social and Adobe Campaign to deliver amazing personal experiences, bringing together all of your fans, allowing their experience to continue once they leave the turnstiles of Stanford Bridge.

aem screensNo keynote is complete without a couple of great demos. David Nueschler, VP of Enterprise at Adobe provided two demos, the first being an outstanding live demonstration of how using Adobe Experience Manager can dramatically improve marketers work by taking digital marketing to the ‘next level’ switching the Coca-Cola billboard in Piccadilly Square, London in real time with a tap of a few buttons.The second came in the form of the brand new AEM screens. The screens are bridging the gap between the digital and physical world to maximise customers in store experiences. Not only do they allow you to manage and personalise content so that the customer can go in store and show the sales assistant what they want, but it also has the ability to deploy content from the customers mobile to the digital screens, creating an interactive and continuous experience for your customers.

The keynote was closed in extraordinary fashion by Professor Brian Cox. He spoke animatedly about data and the universe. Enlightening the audience about the use of data at CERN and how it was being utilised to help provide further insight into the wonders of the universe.

bastilleIn typical Adobe fashion, the Summit Party provided a much needed reprieve at the end of the day. This year’s Summit act came in the form of BRIT winners Bastille. Each year the party has a different theme, this years didn’t disappoint. Adobe chose to give their delegates the experience of the “high life”. Basing the party around the idea of a night on a city rooftop, delegates made their way into the party by what appeared to be a bridge with large LED screens displaying a bustling metropolis beneath. The party featured dance acts, people on stilts, ice skating and of course great food and drink.

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NETbuilder to attend the Adobe Summit London

Adobe Summit EMEA
After a successful time at the Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, NETbuilder will be exhibiting at the EMEA Summit in London from the 28th – 30th of April.

With over 3,500 of the world’s digital marketing leaders attending the 2015 EMEA Summit it is the largest of its kind in Europe. There is a great mixture of keynote speakers including Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch, TV and Radio presenter Claudia Winkleman and Britain’s most known physicist, Professor Brian Cox.

The Adobe team are being represented by some of the company’s biggest names and will be hosting hands on training throughout the week. NETbuilder is keen to gain valuable insights into the tools and techniques for making the most of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, whilst also exploring the latest trends, ideas, and best practices for getting better results for our customer’s digital experience.

If you are attending the Adobe Summit in London please come to the stand to find out more on how NETbuilder can help with your digital strategy using the latest features from Adobe’s Digital Marketing Cloud.

The Summit Bash at Salt Lake City with headliners Imagine Dragons will be a tough act to follow, however, Adobe have another great band at hand in the form of the winner of British breakthrough act of 2014, Bastille!

NETbuilder to attend the Adobe Summit Utah

NETbuilder will be attending the Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. With over 5,000 of the world’s digital marketing leaders attending the 2015 Summit it is the biggest of its kind.
There is a great mixture of keynote speakers including Lauren Bush Lauren the founder of FEED Projects, Time Warner Cable’s Rob Roy and Jeremy Lockhorm from Razorfish. The Adobe team are also being represented by some of the company’s biggest names and will be hosting hands on training throughout the week.
NETbuilder are excited to gain valuable insights into the tools and techniques for making the most of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.
If you are attending the Adobe Summit in Utah (or in London) please come to the stand to find out more on how NETbuilder can help with your digital strategy using the Adobe Digital Marketing Cloud. NETbuilder will also be enjoying Adobe’s Summit Bash headliners Imagine Dragons, the summit will be concluded by a day skiing at Canyons Resort.