Automate Everything with NETbuilder & Puppet Labs


NETbuilder and Puppet Labs are joining forces to provide the industry with an exclusive overview of how the Home Office implemented a function responsible for all aspects of environment design, creation, support and management of the full lifecycle of environments.

Automate Everything with NETbuilder and Puppet Labs will take place on the 25th of June at the much loved Soho spot, Marks Bar. We have a great line up in store for you including:

  • Tony Lysak, CEO, NETbuilder
  • Jackie Keane, IPT Programme Director at the Home Office
  • Andrew Lambert, UK Country Manager, Puppet Labs
  • Nathan Rawlins, VP, Product Marketing Puppet Labs
  • David Njogu, Enterprise Practice Lead, NETbuilder
  • Steven Thwaites, Senior Technical Solutions Engineer, Puppet Labs

The event will provide you with an overview of NETbuilder’s work at the Home Office, introduce you to the new partnership between NETbuilder and Puppet Labs and also discover how using NETbuilder as your DevOps and Configuration Management partner of choice can help you to Automate Everything.

Click here for more information on the event and to book your place.

NETbuilder finalises Puppet Labs partnership


We are excited to announce that NETbuilder have become Portland based Puppet Labs first UK partner.

NETbuilder carefully select which technology vendors we engage with as partners. Puppet Labs has a leading status in the configuration management market makes them a perfect addition to NETbuilder’s roster of vendors we are proud to work with.

Puppet Labs were founded in 2005 by their current CEO Luke Kanies. Since their founding, Puppet have gone on to become the leader in IT automation, with over 300 employees around the world. Their software allows businesses to make rapid, repeatable changes and automatically enforce the consistency of systems and devices, across physical and virtual machines, on prem or in the cloud. Puppet Enterprise is used in thousands of the world’s leading companies, relying on Puppet Labs software to deploy their own software faster, be more productive, and gain insight into infrastructure configurations and operation.

Our partnership with Puppet Labs will allow NETbuilder to not only supply the market with cost effective Puppet trained consultants, but also aggressively priced solution design and delivery capability, supporting new and existing implementations of their configuration management tool, and therefore offering new and existing customers the opportunity to engage with NETbuilder, and take advantage of our full range of DevOps delivery capabilities and services.

NETbuilder are excited to start our journey with Puppet Labs.