QA Consulting to host the first Puppet User Group in the North

puppet user group

This December QA Consulting will be hosting the first Puppet User Group in the UK outside of London.

The User Group will take place on the 2nd of December at our Academy in Salford Quays, Manchester and will provide you with the perfect opportunity to network with the QA Consulting and Puppet Labs teams, as well as network with many other Puppet Users.

We’re aiming for an informal event to gauge the technical community interest in further events and what those might look like, as well as a short talk on what Puppet Labs are up to right now in the UK, as well as a presentation from QA Consulting’s DevOps Tech Lead on “Puppet at Scale. ​Managing 1000’s of nodes and maintaining performance” and a PuppetConf regular speaker, Sam Bashton, Open Source Cloud Computing Expert, Bashton Ltd, who will be presenting “Puppet on Amazon Web Services”.

The event will start at 6.30 PM, expect to stay till around 8.30ish, we will have pizza, beers and some soft drinks for you all to relax with after a hard day’s work.

We will be looking to spread the Puppet User Group across the North to areas such as Leeds in the not too distant future.

If you are interested in attending the Puppet User Group or are interested in any future Puppet User Groups in the North please follow this link to our meet up page.

The NETbuilder Hackathon

Hackathon Banner

On the 24th of July NETbuilder gathered 40 consultants, divided into 6 teams for the first NETbuilder Hackathon. With the key to a good hackathon being in the food and drink naturally we had a near unlimited supply of Energy Drinks and snacks.IMG_1435

At 12pm the Hackathon officially started with the teams setting up their environments and planning their projects. Within the hour every available piece of paper and board space was consumed with diagrams and illustrations as the teams planned. A number of special guest appearances were made by a number of colourful characters including a coding Monkey, Mario and a Princess.

The teams coded through the afternoon and their ideas began to take form within the code. All of the teams had chosen to use some technology they had never used before and so, as we entered the evening, technical problems arouse. Tensions rose as they searched for solutions but the good attitudes they started with held the teams together. Beer, Cards against Humanity and pool became common activities as the night drew in and breaks were needed.


As the hackathon entered the early morning people began to give into the call for sleep and the numbers started to dwindle. Fortunately Mario and the princess stuck around to keep the spirits high.

By sunrise there were but five consultants left representing 3 teams. The first project was a mobile app that was aimed at rating banter called “Bantapp” which included a sound board. The second was a desktop application about a dungeon exploration game involving avoiding deadly traps in a text-based procedurally generated world. The third was a mobile app about collecting and fighting monsters.IMG_1436

Then at 11 am, 23 hours after starting the last 5 fell, the need to sleep became too great and, while not completed, they left happy with the state of their applications.

The NETbuilder Academy moves to Manchester


After months of planning we have moved the NETbuilder Academy to the bright lights of Media City, Manchester.

This move was important for the growth of our academy. Tony Lysak, CEO commented “The NETbuilder Academy has grown at over 100% per year since opening in 2011, so well in fact, that we launched our offerings in the United States last year and have already seen huge traction.

Currently the academy has deployed 150 graduates into some of UK’s biggest companies. The Manchester facility adds the capacity to train a further 400 consultants per annum”. The new offices officially welcomed their first batch of trainees on Monday the 2nd of March. Alongside our new offices we have invested in luxury accommodation where our trainees will be living, creating a campus feel for NETbuilder within Media City.
If you are interested in joining the NETbuilder Academy please apply at