NETbuilder signs partnership with Pega

Pega Article

NETbuilder has been awarded the status as a Pega Silver Partner. The partnership was established to allow both customers and Pega the opportunity to scale their businesses with onshore certified resource in the UK and US.

NETbuilder carefully select the technology vendors that we engage as partners. We believe that Pega’s ever growing market position and constant innovation of their platform are a great addition to NETbuilder. The addition of Pega allows our customers to constantly evolve using one unified platform.

Pega delivers a unified application development platform that empowers the world’s leading companies to turn the constant change of today’s business landscape into a competitive advantage. After being founded in 1983, Pega has since gone onto become a leader in rules-based Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management, business rules and adaptive analytics. Their impressive portfolio has allowed them to achieve a trusted status amongst some of the world’s most dominant organisations, who have used Pega to empower their game changing business strategies.

NETbuilder provide Lead Systems Architects (LSA), Certified Senior Systems Architects (CSSA) and has a vast and growing pool of Certified Systems Architects (CSA’s). This ensures that our customers not only draw from our expertise but can also build from their own capabilities at a low comparative cost, onshore and take control of their Pega projects, reducing or removing the need to engage costly third parties and offshore delivery partners.

Pega are dedicated to delivering high quality solutions to Digitise the Enterprise, bringing applications to the customer with greater efficiency whilst vastly reducing the time to realise a return on their investment. NETbuilder are committed and excited to be a part of this journey.