QA Consulting are proud Silver sponsors of PegaWORLD


After a highly successful time at last years PegaWorld, QA Consulting are excited to announce that we will be sponsoring the 2016 event on the 5th -8th June, at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

PegaWorld is a great four day event that features top global brands’ success stories, gives you direct access to the experts behind their products and connects you to peers facing similar business challenges.

We will be joined by more than 3,000 industry leaders from around the world all looking to share ideas on how to drive digital enterprise. Attending PegaWorld is  a great way to develop your knowledge and help you find new inspiration to tackle some of the most complex business problems.

PegaWorld is a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity that will allow QA Consulting to discover new ideas, share our experiences and learn best practices and new techniques. We look forward to coming away from PegaWorld having discovered the most effective uses to help us assist our customers to Build for Change. 

How Pega can Reduce cost of Ownership

Hi, I’m Chris Pugh and I’m one of QA Consulting’s two Pega Technical Leads. Our role is focussed on ensuring QA Consulting’s Pega services, as well as our consultants are kept up to date with the latest developments on the platform, enabling QA Consulting to be leading the way with changes in the Pega platform and how we can benefit our customers. In addition to this, I am also based on site as a consultant as a lead developer. Alongside my duties at QA Consulting I am also working towards attaining my Lead System Architect qualification.

I have been working the Pega Platform in the professional capacity for two years now. In my blog posts I will be sharing my thoughts on any new and interesting developments starting with ‘How Pega can Reduce Cost of Ownership’.

Pega is a leading case management and business process modelling engine which boasts many features and functions which can help any business. In this blog, I will be discussing the four areas where Pega can help reduce your Cost of Ownership (COO):

  • Faster application development
  • Code reuse
  • Reduced testing
  • Delegated functionality

Faster application development

A lot of functionality which is required for building an application comes built-in with Pega. When one of the Pega industry specific applications is used as the base for your company’s applications, even more functionality is provided. When it comes to putting your own customised applications together, this means that less work is required. Instead of rewriting the basics of an application time and time again, this work has always been done. It’s obvious that the less time spent developing features, the less the application will cost, but by reusing standard functionality, maintenance costs can be significantly reduced as well.

Build once, reuse many times

Reuse is key in Pega. There is a strong use of object oriented design patterns such as inheritance, so if a particular piece of functionality is built at the right level, it can be reused as many times as required. Even if you have multiple applications which perform entirely different tasks, they may well have shared components such as customer or supplier addresses. Pega’s reuse allows for these shared components to be built once and reused as many times as is required, which can dramatically shorten both development and testing cycles.

Reduced testing

Because so much functionality is provided, we can take those pieces of the application as having been already tested. As a result, we can reduce the scope of testing, which reduces the amount of time needed for a testing cycle. As an example, when using a date field in Pega’s UI, we don’t have to check that a leap year is handled correctly. This kind of functionality just works, as soon as you need it. The only testing which needs to be completed, is that which ensures the customised functionality needed to deliver your business’s user stories works smoothly and without fault.

Delegated functionality

Pega systems are built to accommodate change. In traditional software, if any changes need to be made after the system goes live, another round of development and testing needs to be kicked off, with the associated time and costs involved. With Pega, certain key pieces of business functionality can be delegated to the business, which allows a group of empowered business users to make changes to the application themselves. This allows change to be achieved far more rapidly than would otherwise be possible, and because a development team is not required to make the change, the cost is much lower.

You can now see that by using Pega as the platform for your applications you can achieve significant savings, faster time to development for less money.

Once your application has gone live, further savings can be achieved by both the reduced maintenance costs and the delegation of key business functionality to empowered users. This allows your business to respond to change faster and at a much lowered cost than before.

Hands on with Pega Express

Hi, I’m Anna Buchanan and I am currently one half of QA Consulting’s Pega Technical Leads team. My role surrounds the growing and supporting of their Pega offering, as well as supporting Pega consultants in the field. In addition to this, I am also based on site as a Certified Senior System Architect and I am currently studying for my Lead System Architect qualification.

Over the course of the coming months I will be updating you on the latest in Pega technology, starting with Pega Express.

One of Pega’s unique selling points has always been its accessibility, with a focus on business friendly development tools. In the latest version of Pega, 7.1.9, a new tool has come out to further enhance that philosophy called Pega Express.

What does it do?

Pega Express is an alternate authoring view from the standard Designer Studio interface, which is used by most Pega developers. It’s been stripped down to vital features and it feels much more uncluttered than the full development portal. The result of this is a more user friendly interface.

It was first showcased at PegaWorld and received great customer feedback. Customers said that they really wanted to see more of it, so Pega decided to go ahead and make the full version.

The aim of Pega Express is to further abstract development from traditional coding methods, in order to bring the business closer to their applications, by empowering them to prototype their own applications. This can be shared and worked on with the Business Analysts and when it’s ready, switched over to Designer Studio, where the full complexity and power of Pega can be used to create the end application.

Just in Time Learning

One of the best parts of Pega Express is the concept of hands-on learning. Express can be used as a crash course in application development, there are in-context help boxes displayed throughout development, and virtual tours for the different areas of the tool. Challenges and Achievements have been introduced to encourage exploring the tool, these achievements are recorded uniquely for each user, allowing multiple people to access them on the same application. This makes a welcome change from the Pega Academy material which is largely academic. If your learning style isn’t suited to the Pega Academy, this could be the perfect alternative for developer training for you.

User Acceptance Testing Upfront

As a developer, you can create a sandbox prototype for your end users, which they are encouraged to edit and adapt for themselves. You can invite collaborators via email to get as many stakeholders involved as needed. It’s accessible via mobile and tablet as well, which makes it possible for prototypes to be reviewed on the go. I personally would recommend exploring the tool for yourself and understanding how best to leverage it, before handing it over to the business. There is a dedicated Pega Express forum on the PDN for any questions that do come up.

Where is it going?

Pega says in the future they want to open this tool up to its additional products, Pega Marketing etc. As well as the core offering, they want a stronger focus on the ability to use existing applications and build on top of them. At the moment you can reuse organisational layers but it is limited. One of the only downsides it that the current version is only available in English, something Pega aims to change soon.

This tool has the potential to be very useful, allowing businesses to get even closer to their software solutions, as building something the business actually needs is a daily challenge for most developers. Ultimately, the more you can empower your business owners to show you what they want rather than tell, the better results you will get, as sometimes concepts aren’t as useful to end users as they think they will be when stuck in long elaboration meetings. Pega Express allows those problems to be found early and provides a faster way to get started with applications.

NETbuilder showcase the Pega Academy at PegaWORLD 2015

8This June NETbuilder took a flight over to Orlando, Florida for PegaWORLD 2015. As expected the 2015 event lived up to expectations both during the day and the night!

PegaWORLD 2015 was attended by around 3,800 attendees from over the world, from varying roles such as Marketing Officers, Sales Directors and CEO’s to entry-level engineers and hard-core to passing Pega enthusiasts, the range was extensive, but the goal all the same; to learn about how Pega can help us Build for Change.

The 2015 agenda was filled with over 80 expert-led sessions designed to inspire innovation and creativity to the attendees. Geared towards different industries, products and a host of hot topics, the agenda had something for everyone right from pre- and post-conference training and workshops and countless networking opportunities.


Day 1

5Although it was a bright and early start for the PegaWORLD attendees on the Monday morning, it definitely wasn’t a quiet one! Alan Trefler’s keynote certainly woke us up as a band came on stage performing covers of some of 2015’s biggest hits all whilst using Pega technologies. Following this, Alan Trefler delivered the first of the conference keynotes with an inspiring presentation. Alan highlighted why Pega is the only technology that can allow you to build for change and why Pega has chosen to move towards supporting vertical-oriented Strategic Applications, providing the audience insight into how they are positioning themselves to compete directly with other vertical-oriented platforms such as SalesForce.

6Don Shuerman & Kerim Akongul showcased how Pega 7 Express can benefit the healthcare industry, turning it into a way to monitor a person’s physical condition and training program. Many products in the market are attempting to do what Pega have done, but appear to be miles away from the sophistication of Pega 7 Express. The new app allows you to quickly build business applications whilst experiencing the potential of the Pega 7 Platform. Pega 7 Express has the potential to transform how business users are able to interact with the platform, whilst also supporting efforts to transform business-to-IT engagement. Pega have also developed a cloud version made available for all attendees, with a 30-day free trial.

4Day 1 was closed by perhaps what can be called ‘The greatest customer appreciation event, ever’. Pega hired out the majority of Universal Studios in Orlando for the use of all PegaWORLD attendees, not only were you able to avoid the typical throngs of people queueing for hours in stifling heat but you were treated to unlimited food and drink for the duration of the event. I think Pega has ruined theme parks for NETbuilder as no experience will ever come close to that again.

Day 2 of PegaWORLD

7The second day started slightly later, much to the appreciation of many. Brian Solis from Altimeter Group opened the second keynote sharing his insights into disruptive technologies. His key message was “that in order to achieve successful longevity you need to remove executives from the picture, as they don’t act like your shareholders, you have to think like your shareholders and act like a start-up”. What he was talking about in short is Darwinism and applied this to businesses, “if you don’t disrupt yourself, someone else will do it for you”, you need to innovate, or put simply you will die.

9Following on from Brian, Bob Noddin from AIG Japan spoke about how they are trying to make insurance ‘sexy’ by turning customer information and data they possess into an opportunity to create personal based experiences for both customers and employees. Following Bob was Christian Nelissen, aka ‘The Data Guy’ who delivered a presentation surrounding how RBS are using the data and information that they have collected and how to turn it into a personalised service for their customers.


After a busy but successful couple of days working the booth in the Technology Pavilion, the conference was closed at Pointe Orlando where Pega took over the famous blues club BB Kings and Taverna Opa. Food and drink were provided and some great entertainment was put on in the form of a live band and belly dancers.

PegaWORLD 2015 definitely lived up to expectations, if not exceeded them. It was a great success for NETbuilder and we look forward to returning for PegaWORLD 2016 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!

NETbuilder are proud to be a Silver sponsor at the 2015 PegaWORLD

Pega_ArticleThis years PegaWORLD takes place at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida on the 7th- 9th of June. As a partner, we at NETbuilder feel that it was important to continue to strengthen our relationship with Pega through becoming a Silver sponsor at this years PegaWorld.

PegaWORLD is known for being one of the best BPM events in the industry, globally. This years agenda includes 80+ expert led sessions that are designed to spark creativity, inspire innovation, whilst provide you with the strategic toolkit you need to solve some of the most complex business problems in the world. We will be joined by more than 3,000 industry leaders from around the world all looking to share ideas on how to drive digital enterprise.

PegaWORLD is a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity that will allow NETbuilder to discover new ideas, share our experiences and learn best practices and new techniques. We look forward to coming away from PegaWORLD having discovered the most effective uses for Build for Change ® technology and demonstrate what we have learnt by implementing best practices across to our clients.

NETbuilder signs partnership with Pega

Pega Article

NETbuilder has been awarded the status as a Pega Silver Partner. The partnership was established to allow both customers and Pega the opportunity to scale their businesses with onshore certified resource in the UK and US.

NETbuilder carefully select the technology vendors that we engage as partners. We believe that Pega’s ever growing market position and constant innovation of their platform are a great addition to NETbuilder. The addition of Pega allows our customers to constantly evolve using one unified platform.

Pega delivers a unified application development platform that empowers the world’s leading companies to turn the constant change of today’s business landscape into a competitive advantage. After being founded in 1983, Pega has since gone onto become a leader in rules-based Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management, business rules and adaptive analytics. Their impressive portfolio has allowed them to achieve a trusted status amongst some of the world’s most dominant organisations, who have used Pega to empower their game changing business strategies.

NETbuilder provide Lead Systems Architects (LSA), Certified Senior Systems Architects (CSSA) and has a vast and growing pool of Certified Systems Architects (CSA’s). This ensures that our customers not only draw from our expertise but can also build from their own capabilities at a low comparative cost, onshore and take control of their Pega projects, reducing or removing the need to engage costly third parties and offshore delivery partners.

Pega are dedicated to delivering high quality solutions to Digitise the Enterprise, bringing applications to the customer with greater efficiency whilst vastly reducing the time to realise a return on their investment. NETbuilder are committed and excited to be a part of this journey.