NETbuilder signs new partnership with Smartbear

SmartBear Partnership

NETbuilder are pleased to announce our new partnership with Boston and Galway based SmartBear, as their first EMEA Referral Partner.

NETbuilder carefully select which technology vendors we engage with as partners. SmartBear is an industry leading vendor and our partnership augments our offerings in Automated Testing and API Management Services. This makes SmartBear the perfect addition to NETbuilder’s roster of vendors that we are proud to work with.

NETbuilder and SmartBear come together to help expand both businesses across Europe and the United States. Their software is used by more than three million software professionals and over 25,000 companies across 194 countries that are using SmartBear products to build and deliver the world’s best software applications.

SmartBear provide customers with tools for collaborative development, functional testing, performance testing, and performance monitoring across APIs, mobile, web and desktop. Their software helps companies to create world leading and APIs by ensuring quality throughout every step of the lifecycle, from the first line of code, to live in production, and every test in between.

Our partnership with SmartBear will allow NETbuilder to supply the market with cost effective SmartBear trained consultants, therefore offering new and existing customers the opportunity to engage with NETbuilder, and take advantage of our full range of testing capabilities and services.

NETbuilder are excited to begin our journey with SmartBear and provide our clients with leading testing services using their extensive product suite.

The NETbuilder Hackathon

Hackathon Banner

On the 24th of July NETbuilder gathered 40 consultants, divided into 6 teams for the first NETbuilder Hackathon. With the key to a good hackathon being in the food and drink naturally we had a near unlimited supply of Energy Drinks and snacks.IMG_1435

At 12pm the Hackathon officially started with the teams setting up their environments and planning their projects. Within the hour every available piece of paper and board space was consumed with diagrams and illustrations as the teams planned. A number of special guest appearances were made by a number of colourful characters including a coding Monkey, Mario and a Princess.

The teams coded through the afternoon and their ideas began to take form within the code. All of the teams had chosen to use some technology they had never used before and so, as we entered the evening, technical problems arouse. Tensions rose as they searched for solutions but the good attitudes they started with held the teams together. Beer, Cards against Humanity and pool became common activities as the night drew in and breaks were needed.


As the hackathon entered the early morning people began to give into the call for sleep and the numbers started to dwindle. Fortunately Mario and the princess stuck around to keep the spirits high.

By sunrise there were but five consultants left representing 3 teams. The first project was a mobile app that was aimed at rating banter called “Bantapp” which included a sound board. The second was a desktop application about a dungeon exploration game involving avoiding deadly traps in a text-based procedurally generated world. The third was a mobile app about collecting and fighting monsters.IMG_1436

Then at 11 am, 23 hours after starting the last 5 fell, the need to sleep became too great and, while not completed, they left happy with the state of their applications.

Open & Proud at WSO2 Con EU


Last week NETbuilder sponsored the European WSO2 Con at the Park Plaza Hotel, London. The three day conference is known for providing great insights into the world of Open Source Technology and the middleware space.

This year’s event was packed with a great line up, industry leaders presenting the keynotes, in depth panel discussions, special tracks for business strategies and partner business and of course plenty of opportunity to network with WSO2 enthusiasts.

Day 1 – Pre-Conference Training

IMG_0916Day 1 started with pre-conference tutorials, including sessions on WSO2 Analytics Platform, Improving developer Productivity in the cloud with the WS02 AppFactory and many more, please use this link below to see the complete list of pre-con tutorials.

NETbuilder attended the WS02 DevOps session where Senaka Fernando, Solution Architect, WSO2 presented how users can deploy, manage, administrate and monitor WSO2 products. Senaka also provided a quick demo on how the WSO2 Business Activity Monitoring Works (BAM) and an insight into the new WSO2 API manager.

The afternoon sessions included an API Management Strategies and Best practices session, where Nuwan Dias, Associate tech lead, WSO2 brilliantly explained the API Management strategies and demonstrated the API Cloud platform where we learned how to create and publish API’s in mere minutes!

The day ended with a networking reception where people had the opportunity to introduce their business to other people and likewise.

Day 2 – Conference Day 1

IMG_0891The first day of the conference opened to a chorus of percussion from Fusion Drumming as WSO2 Con Europe kicked off. Sanjiva Weerawarna, CEO & Co-Founder of WSO2 opened the keynote, highlighting their mission of helping to connect people, apps and devices together across the world, connecting the world is no longer an option it is a necessity. Although WSO2 are relatively new on the scene of middleware Sanjiva announce that WSO2 is here for the long term and that 10 years is just the start of their journey, followed by inviting the audience to Colombo, Sri Lanka for their 10th year anniversary. Sanjiva’s keynote also included launching the new WSO2 API Cloud and the App Manager

Next to present was Simon Phipps, Director, Wipro Technologies. Simon presented about the importance of Open Source and how it has progressed over the past 20 years, reporting that now 78% of business are using open source, with 55% believing that it is more secure than proprietary.

IMG_0903The afternoon sessions focused on multiple areas including API, Integration and Connected Services and their respective specialists spoke at length about how to leverage the most out of these products, highlighting their strategies and best practises with the use of case studies.

Day 2 ended with an after party to remember, where everyone was able to unwind, have a couple of drinks and nibbles and network amongst their peers!

Day 3 – Conference Day 2

IMG_0887Day 3 had some great session on security, demonstrating the capabilities of the WSO2 Identity Server, and also some very useful sessions that focused on the IoT Open Source World and where WSO2 currently stands. Running parallel, were Partner Track sessions where partners were able to get a high level overview on the progress of the partner program, opportunities and new products that will shortly be coming to market.

The afternoon keynote was delivered by Paul Freemantle, Co-founder, WSO2, who delivered an interesting presentation on The Identity of Things and what are the challenges related to security of IoT. The keynote was followed by a panel centred on My IoT: Stories from the trenches, here the audience had the opportunity to get answers to their questions from industry experts,

The conference ended with the closing keynote by Asanka Abeysinghe, VP-Solution Architecture, WSO2 and of course another after party!

NETbuilder Summit 2015!

It’s time to start gearing up for the NETbuilder Summit, and after receiving such great feedback last year we decided to make this one bigger and better!
With our employees being spread out across the UK, USA and further afield NETbuilder feel it’s a great opportunity to get everybody together. What better place to do this than Palma de Mallorca; the capital and largest city of the Balearic Islands in Spain.
Last year’s event was a great chance to be inspired by our senior leadership team as well as an opportunity to learn about new trends and flavours in the industry. This year we are looking to emulate the success and in addition we have a bunch of very interesting external speakers to inspire and entertain us all.
But of course it won’t all be work, NETbuilder will also have the chance to enjoy VIP treatment at one of Palma’s top night spots and get some sun before jetting back to England.